Vacuum Friend was the second segment of the first episode. It aired on July 19, 2002 at 9:30 p.m. along with P.U. to P.E.

Premise Edit

Robot Jones befriends a vacuum cleaner after thinking humans and robots cannot be friends.

Plot Edit

The episode started with people trading their lunches. Socks wants to trade his banana with Robot, but after seeing his "lunch" (consisting of electricity and oil), he decided not to. Robot tries to tell a joke, but nobody understands. Socks wanted to invite Robot to a pool party, but Robot thinks that he will electrocuted everyone, he declined, making him sad.

Back at home, Robot goes down to the basement to reboot Gramps Unit. According to him, humans are inferior to robots and says it's time for the machines. Gramps Unit would later shut down. The following day, Robot wants to lift Socks under the rope swing, but after seeing his hands are pointy, he declined. Robot gets angry with Socks, and decided that Gramps Unit was right.

Robot escaped into Clancy's room. Clancy accidentally turned on the vacuum, and Robot thought it was another robot student at the school. He and "Dust Buddy" became friends, and also accidentally sucked Mrs. Raincoat's clothes, landing them into detention.

Socks became angry with Robot after he walked away with his "friend". However, the cord stopped, plugging the vaccum out. Robot became sad, while the rest of the students laughed. Clancy catched up, and took back the vaccum. Robot returned sadly, while concluding to Gramps that he can't interface with humans and an appliance. Socks then invite Robot to go to the arcade to play the new laser game. He concluded that friends don't have to be exactly the same, while concluding that you should get an extension cord if you want to plug in your friend.

Characters Edit

  • Robot Jones
  • Socks
  • Gramps Unit
  • Mrs. Raincoat
  • Clancy Q. Sleepypants
  • Hall Girl
  • Mom Unit (mentioned)
  • Dad Unit (mentioned)
  • Polyneux Students

Infomation Edit

Continuity Edit

  • Like the previous segment, he feared the consequences of water. He has also electrocuted people once.

References Edit

  • A similar version of Rosie the Robot from the Jetsons can be seen when Gramps Unit talked about humans.

Other Infomation Edit

  • Before the episode aired, a block called "Robot Week" aired episodes of Time Squad and Dexter's Laboratory to celebrate the premiere of the show.