The Polyneux Gab is the offical newspaper for Polyneux Middle School. It first appeared in the episode "School Newspaper".

History Edit

The Polyneux Gab was first seen in School Newspaper. After Robot Jones messed up things again, Principal Madman decided to make him work for the school newspaper. Soon, he would start to take pictures and made popular headlines about Principal Madman, making the school newspaper popular. Principal Madman didn't enjoy it, so he decided to ruin Robot's popularity by framing him. In the end, Robot Jones exposed him, forcing him to clean the lockers.

Members Edit

  • Jeffrey, editor and chief
  • Robot Jones, photographer
  • Several unnamed members

Headlines Edit

  • Math Rocks!
  • Madman Eats Garbage!
  • Madman Wets Pants!
  • Principal's Torrid Affair... With Vending Machine?!
  • Robot Jones Washes Feet In Fountain

Appeareances Edit

  • School Newspaper