Shannon Westaberg

Shannon Westerburg (voiced by Grey Griffin) is a girl whom Robot loves because she has more mechanical attachments than any other human he has ever seen, specifically a large orthodontic appliance and a prosthetic leg. She is presumably unaware that Robot has a crush on her in most episodes, but she is aware that Robot has a crush on her in the episode "Summer Camp". She typically finds him more of an annoyance than anything else. Shannon talks with a lisp. Robot Jones's favorite subject is Math while Math is Shannon's least favorite subject. Robot tutored Shannon in Math, as shown in the episode "Jealousy". Sometimes her grades and the relationship between them improves, while other times not so much. She does not reject Robot Jones for being a robot since she has been in love with Finkman who is also a robot like Robot Jones. It has never been revealed on how Shannon lost her leg. In the promo she is described as an antagonist with the mission to break Robot Jones's heart. She has a crush on Frederico, a boy who is a member of the school’s basketball team.

Appearance Edit

Shannon is a tall girl with chestnut brown hair and blue-green eyes. She usually wears a purple sweater, a red tartan skirt, white socks and green sneakers. She has a large orthodontic appliance surrounding her head and a prosthetic leg. In one of the Robot Jones Cartoon Network Powerhouse promos she wears a yellow sweater instead of a purple one.

Personality Edit

Shannon’s personality is complex. It appears to change depending on the episode and the writer. She can range from moody, to insecure, to kind, to relaxed.

Quite often she is short-tempered, anxious, clumsy and sensitive.

She’s critical and rude towards Robot Jones in most episodes. She is socially awkward and struggles to speak to the boys in Polyneux Middle School. She is sometimes friendly towards Robot, as seen in "Embarrassment", "Garage Band" and "House Party". Shannon doesn't socialize too much with Robot unless he approaches her.