Scantron is an automated grading system for multiple choice exams. There are two models of Scantron.

Female Scantron

The Scantron Machine is a small desktop computer sized machine that grades the answers to multiple choice tests. Ms. Kavendash's assignments almost always are multiple choice tests which are graded by the Scantron Machine. The Scantron Machine is in the care of Clancy Q. Sleepyjeans and stored in a workroom. Robot Jones was asked to sneak in and talk with the Scantron Machine. She can understand English while Robot Jones can understand the various beeps and tones made by her. She gave him the answers to every multiple choice exam as long as they shared a romantic relationship. This never worked out because it was never Robot Jones's idea to begin with. Eventually the entire class wanted their own cheat sheet. Scantron Unit did not know about the other students until Shannon approached and thanked Robot in front of the open door. This alarmed Scantron Unit, who confronted Robot Jones. He explained how one thing led to another. She gave him one last cheat sheet, ended the relationship, and asked Robot Jones to promise to never return. Later, Mrs. Kavendash decided to assign a surprise written essay for the exam. Robot Jones fled the class to tell Scantron Unit the good news that he no longer needs the cheat sheets. When arriving he found Clancy hauling her away. Clancy said that it seems she died of a broken heart. Curiously she was unable to be repaired by Mr. Mitchell.

Replacement ModelEdit

Giant Male Scantron

The Scantron Machine is a newer model that was set up by Clancy. He is much larger and is about the size of a rack server. He has security protocols which kicked Robot Jones out of the workroom.