Principa Madman

Principal Madman is the principal of Polyneux Middle School. His temper is usually unmatched, until he runs into one of The Jones Family. He is not an unfair principal, only a temperamental one. He is also immature and extremely tyrannical towards his students (especially Robot Jones) and treats his staff quite harshly as well. He has punished the Yogman Twins for infecting Robot Jones as well as Mr. Mitchell's computer. He is very paranoid of germs, including Influenza. He also believed he was infected with a computer virus when Robot Jones sneezed on him. Madman found himself to be operating much more efficiently and decided to dress and act as a robot. His other attire consists of dark green jackets. In the show, he is said to be one of the antagonists. He is a technophobe and is greatly untrusting towards robots.


Principal Madman is strict, cold, temperamental, absent-minded, cowardly, apprehensive and childlike.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Principal Madman is a large, obese, heavy man with black hair and a moustache. He wears a primarily dark green jacket, a white shirt, a yellow and black tie, dark gray pants and brown shoes. Notably he bears a fairly close resemblance to Adolf Hitler, having an identical moustache and hairstyle.