In Whatever Happened to... Robot Jones, a common event is usually destruction and incidents in Polyneux Middle School. These are generally caused by Robot Jones, or other characters, such as Principal Madman. Despite this, in the next appearance of the school, it's usually rebuild, or the incident isn't rementioned.

List of incidents Edit

Pilot Edit

  • Robot malfunctions after Principal Madman gives him three months of detention, scaring the students. No damage was seemingly made.

P.U. to P.E. Edit

  • In one of the times Mr. Workout tries to make Robot take a shower, all the students was wet, and oil was splattered through the floor.
  • Parts of the wall was broked by Robot.
  • After Robot took a shower, Robot electrocuted all the students and the teachers, and caused a blackout.

Vacuum Friend Edit

  • Mrs. Raincoat's clothes was sucked, causing Robot and Dust Buddy to go into detention.

Cube Wars Edit

  • After Robot fails to solve the cube and malfunctioned, the other students were scared.

Sickness Edit

  • The Yogmans tested the virus by using it on the school computer.
  • After Robot got a computer virus, he burned the school on fire.
  • He also sneezed ink on Principal Madman.

Parents Edit

  • Thanks to Dad Unit, the wall was broked three times.
  • Robot's poet was destroyed by Mom Unit.
  • After Mom Unit and Dad Unit activated defense mode, the school was completely destroyed, which means that the school have to closed for months. This is the biggest damage the school has gotten.

Embarrassment Edit

  • Robot's exhuast level makes Robot to malfunction, constantly causing him to release "very smelly air".

Polictics Edit

  • Robot released lots of fireworks and sparks during his campaign.

Growth Spurts Edit

  • Robot's head broke the floor of a classroom, and flies up to space.

Electric Boogaloo Edit

  • Robot got into a fight with the Yogmans's robot, and won.

Math Challenge Edit

  • After Robot proves to be smarater than Mr. McMcMc, Robot got detention.

Hair Edit

  • Robot made everyone in the school bald.

The Yogmans Strikes Back Edit

  • Robot's friends were kidnapped, and tried to destroy Robot.