Nob's Arkaid is an arcade located in Polyneux. It is quite often, the hanging spot for Robot, Socks, Mitch and Cubey. The owner is James Nob, who often becomes angry at them because they break his games often. It was first seen on-screen in Family Vacation.

In the episode Hookie 101, it was revealed that his arcade have a discount for tokens during school hours.

Interior Edit

Outside Edit

The arcade is often seen with a big green sign on top of the roof that says, "Nob's Arkaid". The arcade is seen painted with Pac-Man eating, at the bottom has the phrase "Chomp!". The walls are also painted with an unknown game, with stars and a ray that says "Zap!".

Inside Edit

The inside is very dark, with green lines under the floor, with games near the lines. The door can be seen with an exit sign at the top. The stand often has posters that says "2 For 1 During School Hours", "No Gambling", and "5 Token $1". There is also a cash register, and a bulletin board.

Games Edit

  • Dr. Gunns
  • Zar
  • Racer 01
  • Ke-Kill
  • Dirty
  • Hoper Sleve
  • Coondo
  • Unknown racing game
  • Unknown ghost game
  • Kar Krash
  • Grab It
  • Kil Bang
  • Rat Hunt
  • Crab Attic
  • Copte
  • Clown Kill
  • Dr. Gore
  • Drag Star
  • Zombie Hunt
  • Pitperil
  • Sub
  • Bite
  • Trucker
  • Fired Up

Regular Visitors Edit

  • Robot Jones
  • Socks
  • Mitch
  • Cubey

Appearances Edit

  • Opening Sequence
  • Vacuum Friend (mentioned)
  • Family Vacation
  • Hookie 101
  • House Party (mentioned)
  • Summer Camp

Infomation Edit

  • The arcade may also have the game Dot-Man, but it's unclear.
  • In the episode Family Vacation, when Robot broke Dr. Gunns, the Level 256 error in Pac-Man is visible.
  • James Nob, owner of the arcade, may possibly be Chinese, which would explain his voice accent.
  • The word "arcade" is obviously misspelled.