Mom Unit

Mrs. Robot Jones (commonly known as Mom Unit) is the mother for Robot Jones. She is voiced by Grey Griffin. Her real name is unknown, but the robot characters refer to her as Mom Unit, while the human characters refer to her as Mrs. Jones. Her possible name is June.


Physical AppearanceEdit

She is a pink robot and can fit inside either the family sedan as well as the family motorhome. She is the only one able to drive the sedan as Dad Unit cannot fit inside it. She does not seem to have an actual face and what looks like her nose is some kind of a camera lens. She has yellow incandescent style light bulbs on each side of her head with vents and antennae in between.


Her body resembles a small pump from a fuel station and her arms are gas hoses with nozzles for hands. On the front of her body is a control panel, also resembling a fuel station pump. Her main design seems to be a portable fuel station and her main programming seems to be to find new sources of fuel. She has also harnessed "organic" wind energy.


She is a JUN-77.


She gives daily programming to Robot Jones by Data Transfer. She also has strict rules that he practice his music lessons. She communicates with Dad Unit when he is away at work by telephone, teletype, and fax.

Work LifeEdit

Mom Unit is shown to stay at home and drill for oil in their yard.