Finkman is an Austrian foreign exchange unit who appeared in the episode "Jealousy". He has a human physiology. This includes hair and a human-like voice. The only flaw with the voice is a repetitive, but very bold, laugh. When he is delivered to Shannon’s house it says on his package that he came overseas from Austria. He proudly admits he is from a stealth nation and was sent to win over the hearts of everybody, especially the women (including Shannon Westerburg), and to also steal top secret government information. The timing of his departure to home is very convenient because Robot Jones was about to fight Finkman. Even though Finkman did not actually fight Robot, he was able to make Robot angry enough that Robot's brain exploded. Robot Jones continues to hold a grudge against Finkman. He speaks with an usual accent, which is supposed to be an Austrian accent.

Personality Edit

Finkman in general is extremely arrogant. He is also confident, humorous, intelligent and calm. He thinks that all of his jokes are funny. He is loved by many people in Polyneux Middle School (except for Robot Jones, of course), and the students and staff fail to realise that deep down Finkman is unpleasant and selfish. As soon as he arrived at Polyneux Middle School he was introduced to his classmates and he was willing to make friends. When he first met Robot he barely acknowledged him at all and was quick to be disrespectful towards him. However he was very friendly towards Shannon.

He cruelly targets Robot and constantly steals Shannon from him, finding amusement in Robot’s angry responses.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Finkman is a tall, white, blue and black android. He has a human-like body shape and blue eyes. His design is much more advanced than Robot Jones's.