Dad Unit
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Mr. Robot Jones (commonly known as Dad Unit) is the father for Robot Jones. His name seems to be unknown, but robot characters refer to him to as Dad Unit, while human characters refer to him as Mr. Jones. His possible name is Casey.


Physical AppearanceEdit

He is a blue robot, resembling a lawn mower, with a complete face. He has 4 large wheels and a large "robot arm" on the top of his head. He also has a hose appendage that he uses to drink oil in the manner of coffee from a mug.


He has no need to drive a car as his wheels are large enough and fast enough to drive himself in traffic. (and usually drives on top of vehicles during a traffic jam) Because of his design, he does not fit in a traditional car. Instead, he is able to fit inside a motorhome. In another episode The Jones Family is shown also having a sedan, but it is unlikely he can fit inside it.


He is a KC-213.


Dad Unit does not have any understanding, nor patience, for humans. He is completely no nonsense and will demand the human to state the nature of the business. If the human fails to respond, Dad Unit will repeat "Inefficient!" and attack the human. Dad Unit has a one track mind and will often say the same thing over and over again until the task has been completed. Dad Unit often crashes through walls, although he never does this at home. He protects his family and will seek out and attack anybody that threatens them.

Work LifeEdit

Dad Unit is a machine operator at a car factory, being a machine himself.