Cubey Cubinacle

Charles Cubinacle, or "Cubey", (voiced by Myles Jeffery) is a boy who attends Polyneux Middle School, and is one of Robot Jones' best friends. He is easy to identify because of his love for video games, and is an expert at them. He is one of the first people that Robot Jones met. He is usually seen hanging out with Mitch Freeman Davis. He has a crush on Pam.

Physical appearanceEdit

Cubey is rather short in height, and has dark hair with spiky bangs, freckles, glasses with window blinds for lens, and brown eyes. He wears a smoky black t-shirt with Pac-Man on the center of it, white socks and a pair of red and black checkered shorts. He also wears a pair of blue and white roller skates with yellow wheels.


Cubey is friendly, expressive, streetwise, excitable and honest. He's usually cheerful and relaxed but he can lose his temper such as in the episode "Hookie 101".